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YZZ Series Principle Axis Three-phase Induction Motor
YZZ Series Principle Axis Three-phase Induction Motor
Product introduction:  

I Introduction

YZZ principle axis three-phase induction motor specially designed for lathe industry based on consulting lathe practical operation performance index and absorption of advantages in domestic and overseas similar production. This kind of motor can be matched with various medium and top grade servo driver or transducer in domestic and overseas, operates open loop or close loop control, realizes operation in broad band, high speed and high precision controlled. Its preferencial accessory product for advanced numerical lathe product to enhance performance and level for its excellent machniery characteristic and tighten, beautiful appearance.

Good timing performance, excellent start performance both in low speed and high speed, outstanding characteristic in low vibration and low noise of motor in whole frequency range.

II Usage Features

1、High efficiency, high reliability, high overloading capability and high protection level.

2、Precise checking dynamic balance of rotor, high balance quality, low vibration.

3、Adopt import bearing with high precision, low noise.

4、Mandatory cooling by axis flow ventilator, strong wind, unique inner ventilation road to make sure motor can get effective cooling and limit resonance in any rotate speed so that implements long term operation in high speed or low speed.

5、Built-in overheating protection device in motor so that to cut off power supply when mortor unit reaches dangerous temperature to avoid damaging.

6、Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, small volume, light.

III Type Instruction

IV Technolgoy Data under 50HZ Basic Frequency

Type Rating Power
Rating Torque
Rating Current
Locked Torque Multiple Locked Current Multiple Max. Torque Multiple Rotate Speed
YZZ3.7-4 3.7 24 7.8 2.2 7.0 2.3 1430 52
YZZ5.5-4 5.5 36 11.5 2.0 7.0 2.3 70
YZZ7.5-4 7.5 50 15 2.1 7.0 2.3 85
YZZ11-4 11 72 22 3.5 8.1 3.6 1430 120
YZZ15-4 15 97 30 3.7 8.7 3.6 141
YZZ18.5-4 18.5 120 36 4.2 9.5 4.2 163


V Product Characteristic List

Characteristic Description Remark
Voltage Three-phase AC 380V Intem content can be customized
Output Power 3.7-18.5kW
Pole Quantity 4
Insulation Level F(Permitted Max. Temperature 105K)
Cooling Mode Mandatory cooling by seperate blower
Protection Level IP54
Installatio Mode B5
Overall Dimension Check Attached Drawing
Standard Turning Clockwise rotation from extended end view
Motor Off Shaft with keyway or optical axis
Protection Device 125 centigrade thermal protector with winding and embedded
Encoder Optional
Application Environment Location In door (avoid too much corrosion gas)
Altitude Below 1000m
Temperature -15—40℃
Humidity Relative Humidity 80%(without condensation)


VI Overall and Installation Dimension

Type Overall and Installation Dimension


Basic Dimension Limit Tolerance Basic Dimension Limit Tolerance Basic Dimension Limit Tolerance Basic Dimension Limit Tolerance Basic Dimension Basic Dimension Limit Tolerance Basic Dimension Basic Dimension
YZZ3.7-4 32 -0.009
80 ±0.37 10 0
27 0
215 180 0
70 5 205 260 250 490
YZZ5.5-4 560
YZZ7.5-4 110 ±0.43 90 650
YZZ11-4 48 +0.018
110 ±0.43 14 0
42.5 0
265 230 +0.016
4 265 340 300 600
YZZ15-4 650
YZZ18.5-4 700

VII Characteristic Curve


1、Voltage--Frequency Curve

Type F1


YZZ3.7-YZZ7.5 50 270
YZZ11-YZZ18.5 200

2、Output Power—Rotate Speed Curve

Type n1 n2 n3 P1 P2
YZZ3.7-4 1500 6000 8000 3.7 2.2
YZZ5.5-4 5.5 3.5
YZZ7.5-4 7.5 5.5
YZZ11-4 4000 6000 11 7.5
YZZ15-4 15 11
YZZ18.5-4 18.5 15

3、Output Torque—Rotate Speed Curve

Type n1 n2 T1 T2
YZZ3.7-4 1500 8000 24 4
YZZ5.5-4 36 6.5
YZZ7.5-4 50 8.5
YZZ11-4 6000 72 17
YZZ15-4 97 23
YZZ18.5-4 120 29


VIII Order Guidance

Following content should be identified:

1.1 Please mark type, power, voltage, frequency, connection and installatio type when you make an order.

2.2 Please inform us when you make an order if you have other requirements such as biaxial stretch or other axial strethc, flange, pilot frequency, voltage differences.

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